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And now for something completely different...

You know, for some reason I remember hearing that Uni results weren't actually due for my course until tomorrow. And yet when I randomly went and checked them just then, they had already been updated. So good for me, I suppose.

But anyway, results for my whole two subjects this semester:
Social Science Research Methods: H2A (No surprise there)
Introduction to Life, the Universe and Everything Earth and the Universe: H1

...I don't think I deserved that second one, given how little I studied for it.

But yes, that does mean I have officially passed my degree, and thus should be up for graduation soon.

Unfortunately, I have discovered that the emails which give the official offers - and which we use to organise graduation dates - will be sent the day after I head overseas. Which means I'll have to sort things out over there.

That said, if I don't want to wait until December for the ceremony (which I don't), it's most likely going to be on either the 21st or 28th of August, looking at their provisional schedule.
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