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Be prepared for a lot of WTF, AMERICANS? tweets

So, election on August 21st.

On the plus side, I will actually be in Australia on that day. On the other hand, that's one of the days that Manifest is running (and it also might end up being the day I graduate, details pending). Which would be... interesting.

Anyhow, I have almost finished packing. By which I mean I am still trying to work out what jewellery (and other accessories) to bring, but otherwise I am pretty much done. Unless I have forgotten anything. :/

A replacement for LoudTwitter has been found! And actually seems to work so far. Or you could just follow my Tweets Of America while it lasts. Unlike the other trips, where I didn't have much Internet access, I should be able to get online a lot more frequently in the US. I will, however, continue tweeting about whatever random stuff that happens to me.

And that's me, signing off for a little while. Flight leaves for tomorrow morning, which means I'll only get a short time tomorrow online. Then I'm scheduled to travel back in time - no, really, my stopover in San Franciso is technically earlier than the time I leave Australia - and arrive in America. And get to Philadelphia in the middle of the night.

Now I need to finish off my packing and then get a decent night's sleep, but until then, guys!

Let me know if fandom explodes or anything particularly dramatic happens.
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