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I think I spent half the flight with "I'm Afraid of Americans" stuck in my head - Eldritch Lacemaking and other Randomness

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July 19th, 2010

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10:45 pm - I think I spent half the flight with "I'm Afraid of Americans" stuck in my head
So, America.

Am actually here, after way too long on planes (and a delay in San Francisco, which was Not Fun). But we're now in Pennsylvania, at my uncle's place.

So far we haven't done much, really - today we spent some time with my uncle and cousins, went out to the King of Prussia mall, mostly for a loom around (though I also needed to buy a white top, because I apparently forgot to pack my one, gdit).

It has all been very hot, apart from when we had a brief thunderstorm.

Anyway, I'm not entirely sure what's in the immediate plans, though we're heading to Atlantic City for one day this week. Next week we are in Washington D.C. from the 27th to the 29th of July, and we are heading to Las Vegas the week after (3rd to 7th, I think). No idea when we are visiting New York; week after that, I suppose.

I should be a bit more responsive now I am no longer all travel all the time (...unless you comment while I am on one of the above trips). And I'll post again once I have more to talk about. Or tweet if I am elsewhere.

Nothing exciting seems to have happened in fandom so far, but let me know if it does.
Current Mood: tiredtired

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[User Picture]
Date:July 20th, 2010 03:13 am (UTC)
Welcome! Sorry about the heat wave.
[User Picture]
Date:July 20th, 2010 12:05 pm (UTC)
I suppose I'll live.
[User Picture]
Date:July 20th, 2010 05:15 am (UTC)
Welcome aboard! I was actually just invited out to Vegas yesterday, but I had prior engagements/no money to be wasting on drinks at expensive bars, so that wasn't happening, lol.

Have fun!
[User Picture]
Date:July 20th, 2010 12:06 pm (UTC)
Aw, that's mildly unfortunate, we could have met up! Ah well, what happens happens.
[User Picture]
Date:July 20th, 2010 01:11 pm (UTC)
As a DC native who goes to school in NYC, if you need/would like recommendations on places to go, I'd be happy to give some suggestions! :)

Have fun!
[User Picture]
Date:July 20th, 2010 02:01 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the offer. I shall inquire with the mother,a and see if there is anything we might want to check out that we could use advice on.
[User Picture]
Date:July 21st, 2010 12:22 am (UTC)
Welcome! And I apologize in advance for DC's weather.

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