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And Once More From The Grave (Weekly Update 4)

Well, this brings up my final update from down here in the Middle of NowhereTM. Thank God.

I mean, you know there is something very wrong with a place when you have to check your shoes before you put them on, just to make sure there aren’t any mice in them.

Those bloody mice really have been a pain, I must admit. They keep me awake at night, always running around my bedroom, and I saw one in my wardrobe the other day. I was not amused – I mean, my clothes! My precious clothes!

Also, I am extremely annoyed by the fact that the hot water keeps running out when I want to have a shower. And extremely paranoid about the fact this doesn’t happen to anyone else in the house.

Coincidence? I think not.

Oh, and the fact that my electric blanket started spitting sparks the other night – really not comforting.

Meh. After the blood donation of last week, it has been revealed I have low blood Iron. Not unhealthy, but still low. (You needed a haemoglobin count of 120 to donate, and mine was 121). So now my Mum is insisting that I take Iron tablets.

I am now severely unnerved by the new librarians at Hamilton. Last Friday, I was asked by one why I wasn’t wearing my hat. Which when you consider the fact that they had only worked there for about 8 days, and that this was only my third visit in their presence is actually rather worrying.

Oh, and I ran into Ferg the other day. If you are wondering who Ferg is – he’s a guy from my first secondary school, and was also the person responsible for introducing me to both Futurama and Red Dwarf. Yes, to this I have given him my eternal thanks.

Anyway, he is now working as Network Admin at one of the local schools. Somehow, I am not at all surprised by this.

And in more frightening news, John Howard was quoted as saying that the London attacks “Would only strengthen the resolve…” etcetera. Is anyone else noticing similarities to a certain filmic individual who has said his “resolve has never been stronger”?

I’m starting to frighten myself, here.

Best. Newspaper Article. Ever.: According to a little thing in Monday’s Herald Sun, apparently watching Big Brother is bad for your health. Dude, I’ve been saying that for years!

Also, I was watching the MTV Movie Awards the other day (To Americans: yes, they have only just been on Australian TV). And when Samuel L Jackson said that he does actually own a lightsaber with the initials BMF on it, I swear I nearly died laughing.

Books Read This Week:
- The Name of the Rose, by Umberto Eco, because I felt I should read at least one thing this holidays that was aimed for someone over the age of 14. It was quite good actually, if not an easy read. Very interesting.

Though I have become thoroughly convinced that JKR must have read this book at some point before writing that Harry Potter books. I mean, Brother William seems to have some very Dumbledore-esque attitudes at times, especially about British madness. Oh, and there are some brilliant conversations about how laughter can be used to destroy fears. And the name “Alastor” is actually mentioned at one time.

The clincher, though, was this exclamation by Brother William (And I quote directly, here): “Oh, by the beard of Merlin!”

If that isn’t proof that it was an influence on JKR, I’ll eat the Sorting Hat. Either that, or Brother William is an undercover wizard…

I also started re-reading the Harry Potter books in preparation for this weekends release of HBP. However, after finishing Philosopher’s Stone, I really couldn’t be bothered getting through the lot of them, so I then jumped straight to OotP.

Though I had to stop reading when I got to that bit where Harry was heading to his hearing with Mr Weasley on the underground. It was just far too sad to think about.

I really had forgotten just how good the first book really was. Though the continual references to “the Dark Side” (complete with capitals) kept giving me Star Wars flashbacks.

The Bad Baby Names File:
- Firstly, some kid with the first name “Indie.” Which naturally made me think of Indie music. Or, you know, Indy car racing. Which made it a bad name for multiple reasons. And then I noticed that one of the kid’s middle names was “Harrison.” Yes, Harrison.

Just how much do you want to bet that his parents are Indiana Jones fans?

- And to continue the fandom rip-off names, I found a girl who had been named “Kate Fox.” Shades of Mulder there, I must say. At least it was a middle name, though.

- Middle names aren’t always good though. I found one kid with the middle name “Totem”, which caused me to go WTF quite immediately. Oh, and there was anaother girl who had the middle name “Alan.” Yes, a girl, and yes, the man’s name Alan. That girl is going to suffer from some severe gender confusion when she grows up, I have to say.

- One kid was given the first and middle name of “Joshua Jackson.” My response: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HA!

Random Quotes:
The Sister: “I’ve got a letter!”
Me: “Congratulations. I’ve got a headache.”
Mum: “Is it because you weren’t wearing your hat?”

The Sister: “I get sleep!…I went to bed last night!”

So, when I am back at Melbourne, I will be staying with lena_supercat for the first few days, and then at the almighty sharehouse of becker_ and Co for the next few, am I right?

Oh, and Lena – expect me to arrive at about 4-ish on Friday. I’m getting a lift down there from my Dad.

So what’s going on in the Melbourne social scene, anyway?

Oh, and 3 days until HBP! w00t! I am so excited!

Guess what I’m up to on Saturday…

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