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Should I hand out party hats to everyone?

And I'm back!

...Not that I actually went anywhere, which is why the absence of tweets for the past few days. We had a fairly lazy weekend - mostly stayed around the house, or went shopping for a bit. So yeah, not really tweetable.

However, we get busy again for the next couple of weeks - tomorrow we head off to Washington D.C. until Thursday, next week we are in Las Vegas from Tuesday to Saturday, and then the week after we are in New York from Monday to Friday. So yeah, heading off a bit further afield. Which means back to tweeting, and my comments may be less quick to respond (until I am back here on the weekends).

Yeah, my Uncle and cousin are going to be busy working, so we will no longer have our convenient driver and guides. ;)

Anyway, I see fandom has failed to utterly implode in my absence. I am not sure if I should be pleased about this or not. Probably pleased; I like to witness implosions as they happened.

As for Australia - anything particularly exciting happening there? Either election related, or not - we don't get a real lot of Australian news here, I have to say.

And finally, huzzah LJversary! Yes, my LJ is now six years old (yeah, screw timezones, it's still the 26th where I am; therefore it is still the 26th for my LJ).

As always, here's some yearly stats of Teh Eljay:

Since I started this LJ 6 years ago, I have:
- Friended 227 people
- Been friended by 233 people
- Joined 147 comms, and 14 RSS feeds
- Made 1362 posts
- Posted 20,901 comments
- Received 16,490 comments

And in just the past year (since I last did this), I have overall:
- Friended 12 people
- Been friended by 8 people
- Left 31 comms
- Made 184 posts
- Posted 1,860 comments
- Received 1,052 comments

...Huh. I've been making more comments than last year, but receiving less. That's kind of a depressing statistic.

Oh well, I suspect the next few weeks won't exactly help that statistic.
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