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Drakyndra BA BSc (Melb)

And so I am now an official university graduate. With fancy certificates - two of 'em - and everything.

...That said, apart from 30 seconds or so of momentousness as I walked across the stage, it wasn't exactly the most exciting event ever. Yeah, it was mostly watching people I don't know also get their certificates.

On the vaguely entertaining side, there was one girl graduating named Xiao Mei to my amusement (FMA fans will get why). Oh, and our speaker was some guy named Ziggy, which is more evidence that I am being haunted by David Bowie songs.

But there were photos and flowers (still need to find a proper vase for them) and meeting up with teh family.

As for the other significant part of today: Election! Though final results are yet to come through, so I don't know how I am supposed to feel yet.

That said, I hear the Cthulu summoners had some success. Or something along those lines, which is a nice change.

Incidentally, after reading the Greens slogan on a How To Vote card, "Standing for what's right, not just what's easy", I now think their election strategy has been obtained via reading Harry Potter books.

There are worse sources of inspiration, I suppose.

ETA: And then there is this which sort of defies words, really.
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