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I should say something about death notes and autographs

So, Manifest provide a decent bit of entertainment for the day. Even if I ended up really fucking freezing on the way home, egads.

Anyway, I was dressed as a sort-of Misa ("Sort-of" meaning I need a wig, but it was otherwise pretty complete). Spent most of the day wandering around, checking out the merchandise tables, looking at all the costumes and taking pictures of a few (and of other randomly interesting things. Like the mecha made of pocky boxes). And actually attending a few things.

On the way in, some guy on the tram asked if the races were on today. Kind of understandable, since he was right behind me, and I think my hat was basically shoved in his face because of crowded tram.

Met up with Amelia (Sister's housemate) and hung out with her for a bit, when we saw the cosplay and later at Little Kuriboh's panel. Which was pretty damn funny. We got the expected Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Q&A and quotes and stuff, a preview of the next episode coming up (...I am so behind on watching Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged), and then all sorts of random silliness from the crowd. Including Little Kuriboh - who spent the day cosplaying as Naruto - "making out" with a Sasuke cosplayer.

Oh, and Little Kuriboh signed my death note. As one does. (He gave himself "death by cosplayers")

(Amelia, on the other hand, seemed to be unwittingly taking part in my haunting by David Bowie. Gave me a distinct moment of LOL WOT there.)

I also met Geoff when I went to see the AMV Iron Chef. Mildly disappointed I couldn't see the main AMV competition, because I love me some good AMVs, but that was the other day, along with a few other things I wanted to see, so thems the breaks.

Apart from the that, I bought a few small things - couple of phone charms, some little jewellery things, that sort of junk - as well as the Gurren Lagann box set. Because I feel kind of bad for loving the show like I do and not, you know, having paid for it or anything.

And that was my day.

Couple of amusing comments - or at least comments that amused me:

"Now, where did I put my death note..." - Me, when I was getting ready in the morning.

"Apparently the election was a draw." - Overheard at Manifest. Also, probably technically true (Are we going to find out who's Prime Minister any time soon?), but it struck me as amusing wording.
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