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Once More, With Spoilers

Aha! Not only have I arrived back at that crazy thing they called college (which means classes start tomorrow *wince*), but am now able to get back into a bit of a routine, particularly in regards to updates.

And so, for the first of my new and exciting updates, I have decided to include a bit of information about a certain book which seems to be gaining a bit of attention as of late...

Though, as I have mentioned, I won't be doing a very indepth discussion of my own personal thought and opinions, I have decided to point you in the direction of some others online who have expressed things rather more eloquently than I.

Or, to put it more briefly, yay, Links List time!

Firstly: The Interview.
This is almost as essential reading as the HBP itself in terms of Harry Potter canon, as well as being, you know, really entertaining.
Plus, it gives some very interesting thoughts as to what might come up in Book 7.

Fandom Wank!: Because watching the internet go batshit insane is always good for a laugh, and fandom_wank is the place to go for all your fangirls going ape.

Yet More Fandom Wank!: This time, surrounding the interview (see above). Yes, lets all point and laugh at the poor ickle Harry/Hermione fangirls...

All Your Spoilers Are Belong To Us!: AKA people having fun with Photoshop. Basically, a lot of people playing around with the main spoiler from HBP, and it is a lot of fun to look at, really.

JKR Strikes Back!: Just how would you react to all the fandom wankery that's surrounding JKR? Someone decided to see just what might have happened...

Dumbledore's Death, as seen by...: Written before the book was released, but it doesn't make these any less amusing. My personal favourites: The Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett ones (of course), the newspaper articles, the cricket commentary, and the Jasper Fforde entry. Though my first prize goes to this one.

Oh, and just for fun: If my flist wrote HBP... A look at HBP from someone's flist.

For essays, opinions and commentaries on HBP, I give you this memories list. Enough to ponder on for hours on end, all handily ties into one long list. *coughs at Links List solidarity*

And now, onto the really fun stuff:

Fanfiction: It may have only been a bit over a week, but there has already been a huge amount of things written, either around or including HBP canon. So, to pick out a few favourites...

Phoenix Song. It may only be a quick drabble, but it sure packs a huge punch. Brief, but beautiful.

The Fall of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. This takes one of the most popular theories in the wake of HBP, and makes it seem so really and undeniable you can't imagine that this is anything but canon. Truly brilliant.

Coward. Proof that there still is good fic to be found at ff.net. A great and emotional character study of the Potterverse's most intriguing individual, in the wake of what happened in HBP.

But wait, there's more! A whole list of post-HBP fanfic, compiled by slippery_fish, and updated quite regularly.

Fanart: Depending on your point of view, either almost as much, or more fun than fanfiction. And there is some great stuff that I've found.

The end of HBP...: By twirlynoodle, who is a brilliant cartoon artist I've just discovered. Just a little cartoon commenting on the similarity between HBP, and a film that I'm sure everyone on my flist would have seen...

Love. A few sketches on the many and varied relationships (and not just the obvious ones) found in HBP.

You know that comment in Chapter 1, about how the Dementors were breeding? Well it has prompted some great art from mamushi. Firstly, there is "A study in the breeding habits of Dementors", which is utterly hysterical. Oh, and this, which is both adorable and hysterical.

This has to be one of my favourite pictures, though. It's just so utterly sweet and gorgeous!

Oh, and in response to all those people complaing about the book, someone started this petition, in order to congratulate JKR on a job well done. It's perfectly worth signing, and it shows that not evryone in the fandom is a hysterical nutbar.

More links may be added as a find them. Yay for links lists!

Mctabby's fic list. In the wake of HBP, mctabby asked everyone to plug their own or others HBP fics here. So, there are now dozens of fics to choose from, in almost every size, style and ship.

Fic Recs List. Yes, it's another list of fanfics. These, however all very good, and include not only things written post HBP, but those written beforehand that still fit into canon. Lots of fun.

Death Eater Cards. More artwork, not all that spoilery, but quite cool. A set of Death Eater images, in a very unique sort of still. Me likes, indeed.

Oh, and the almighty potterpuffs, which manages to be both completely brilliant, and far too much fun for words. Great pictures, great icons, and there is post HBP stuff just flooding in now.
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