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Or, in other words, the entry I was going to do when I got to Melbourne, but was lost in the wake of all the Potterisms.

So, as I have even more to say, I'll put the flashback under the cut, and other stuff ouside.

I was hanging around my Mum's work the other day (for those not in the know, she's a Pharmacist), and I found some of those stickers that they put onto all the medicine bottles. You know, the "Take 3 times daily" ones, that sort of thing.

I decided to take some of her "Not to be taken" stickers. Just because the irony amused me.

Oh, and I found the greatest earrings ever at Karesh, the accesories store in Hamilton. All jangly and silver and complicated, there is no end to Teh Love.

Random Sister Quotes:
The Sister: (To Mum) Since you got Melissa a laptop and sent her to an expensive school, can I have money?

The Sister: (To me) You're leaving tomorrow, right?
Me: Yes.
The Sister: Bye.

In other news, the almight HBP Links List of yesterday has already been edited to add more links. Which is very frightening, but not nearly as much as the fact that the favourites file I am building for the next (non HBP related) Links List already has 17 links in it.

Anyhoo, the HBP Links List. Look at it, and be amused.

Otherwise, Uni is back, and I am just thrilled. It isn't exactly sarcasm-worthy bad, though, when you consider that I have the distinct advantage in that that The Maths is not as terrifyingly evil as last semester. Whcih is odd, considering that it is the exact same Maths.

Though it is very comforting to find that I am not alone in failing last semester - I've heard of at least four others, and rumour has it that a large number of people failed. So, at least when I fail, I'm not alone.

I've decided I probably should avoid Melbourne central from now on. I saintered down there in the middle of my big gap between lectures, and ACK! The sales! The bargains! The...random cheap things! That damn placeis trying to send me broke, I know it. Though I did score me a bargain card for Jeans West, and some $2 earrings, so it can't be all bad.

On the subject of sales, to all Second Floorians: JB Hi-Fi is having a massive sale, and one of said sale objects is...Red Dwarf DVDs. Yes, there is Red Dwarf for sale at like $30 a season. Oh, if only I had the money to get the whole lot...

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