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I need to find out where people go to analyse the *shit* out of the trailers these days

I'm sure most of you guys have already seen the newest Harry Potter trailer which came out the other day. (The movie is, what, 2 months off? Surprised it took that long.) It looks suitable dramatic and dark; hopefully it'll make for a decent adaptation.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

But I digress. In the grand tradition of such wonders as the Literal Music Videos (Some of those were gold really), there now exist... Literal Movie Trailers. Including, as I have been recently linked to Literal Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (It's for the old trailer, not the just come out one.) Because hey, one can always have more lulz.

Yeah, weirdly Harry Potterish post, this one.

In other news, my pile of doujinshi I order arrived. Huzzah! Rather quicker than I expected, too. There's a mixture of prettiful, good, average and "Gosh, I wish I knew what they were saying here." (Yes, they are all Code Geass, in case you were wondering).

My favourites seem to change on my mood, but I think currently it is this one, mainly because it has Lelouch/Suzaku/C.C. (well, Lelouch&Suzaku&C.C.) and some pretty, pretty art.

I also bought some new shoes today. Yay for sales on winter stock!

I also believe I have worked out what the horrifying dramatic emotional twist on the book I am currently reading is, and I'm not even halfway through yet. Which isn't a slur on the author's writing, just that I picked up on a mistake in the heroine's wording of a deal with the baddie and have worked out how he can do some horrible rules-lawyering with that loophole. If he doesn't, he sucks as a villain. If even I can work out how to utterly screw her over with it...

I keep walking in on my housemate sitting in the living room, reading my comics and watching my DVDs. Maybe I should leave some of the yaoi doujinshi out there, if only for the look on his face when he sees just what the content is.
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