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Maybe I'll have proper opinions on things when I wake up tomorrow

So, I hear that Collingwood won the Grand Final replay. Does that mean there will be more or less jokes about Collingwood fans going around in the future?

Apparently I failed utterly at getting sleep last night, and I have absolutely no idea why. I just ended up spending hours lying in bed not really getting anywhere at all. And then there was noise because other people in the iPartment were up, so I completely gave up.

Which meant I spent all of today utterly zonked out and achieved absolutely nothing of any significance at all. Bleh. But I'll go to bed early tonight.

Have you random moment of pointless entertainment: If Hogwarts had Social Media.

Apparently new HP movies mean lots of random amusing Potter stuff floating around online.

ETA: Wait, Daylight Savings is starting? Dammit, it's not supposed to sneak up on me like that!
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