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Ideas! Give me ideas!

So, Armaggedon is on this coming weekend. Anyone on the flist going? I was thinking I might go on one of the days, but I'm not really sure out of Saturday or Sunday. But I figure it might be fun.

On a different note, but still on a tangent about events with people in costumes: I've been invited to a Halloween party (Obviously, at Halloween). Rather than just general costumes, it has a theme - roleplaying games. I am not actually involved in any, so I can't go as "my character" (which was the original premise). So it's been suggested I go as something just generally game related - a character, a piece, whatever.

Any suggestions for something I could do that won't require sewing? I am having a mental blank on the matter, and could use something I already own clothes for, or could just go buy cheap.

And so this post isn't just all me making requests to you guys, this has to be seen to be believed: A Complete History Of The Soviet Union Through The Eyes Of A Humble Worker, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris.

No, I am not dressing up as a Tetris block.
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