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Because lots of sugar and lack of sleep can't possible have any effects, I swear

So, I went to Armageddon today. It was, as expected REALLY FREAKING COLD out, which a bit of last minute clothes shuffling. (Sorry miniskirts, I don't think I could deal with that today even with colourful tights.)

Ended up with an ankle-length black skirt, black top with billowy lace sleeves and my gothic lolita hat. And white boots, because what the hell? End result with jewellery and sparkly make-up ended up looking kind of goth, actually. And vaguely Victorian - enough that a couple of guys running a stall decided that I must be a steampunk fan and tried to point me in the direction of the books they were selling with much flattery of my taste.

Or they were just trying to hit on me. Not entirely sure.

I ended up going to the panel with Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and Sophie Aldred, which was actually quite funny. I think the technical difficulties added a distinct note of fun to the proceedings. I also watched the cosplay contest, and actually watched the entire first two episodes of the FMA:B English Dub for the first time. Which was... interesting, having watched the whole thing in subs.

Got an autograph from Vic Mignogna (who also complimented my outfit, and when asked said he'd dubbed up to episode 58), and I wanted to get John DiMaggio's but kind of that failed miserably.

I mean, I showed up too late for the morning session, which was fine - line was long, he had other stuff to do - I said I'd come back after lunch. And then when I showed up, the lady there was refusing to let anyone else line up before he'd even started doing autographs. And then said to come back in an hour. Which I did, and was still told to come back later. So I did, and was told there were no more autographs allowed, despite the fact there was nothing else on.

I think this would have all been less frustrating if she hadn't decided that no-one else could join the line just as I tried to join the end of it. Seriously.

I also had a near-miss with lizbee - I hadn't realised she was actually there until late in the day, and when I did, I sent a message asking where she was. I was in a queue at the time, so I couldn't rush off, but when I finally did head in her direction - I got a message saying she had just left. Literally, two minutes ago.

That one was more disappointing than aggravating, though.

Otherwise, there were a lot of nifty cosplayers around, but I was too lazy to take pictures. Lots of Doctor Who types, including a Jack with a hand in a jar to my amusement. Slightly less heavy on the anime-types (or at least animes I knew), though I sort of pitied the Yoko I saw in the (lack-of) heat. I saw some Insurance Girls from Trigun, which was nice - I normally I only see Vash and Wolfwood cosplayers around. And so on and so forth. Had a few people take pictures of me, and I shall once more wonder if any of them will ever actually find there way online.

Didn't actually buy much - an FMA stopwatch (sadly, it was first anime, so the year on the "Don't Forget" was off, but I'll live), some interestingly flavoured licorice, and a wooden sword because why not buy a wooden sword. It wasn't hugely expensive.

And that was my day. I can't say it was really up there with my best convention experiences, but that's the way these things go. And it was entertainment for a day.
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