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I did laundry and grocery shopping today. That's productive, right?

Wow, I haven't updated for an entire week. Shows how exciting my life has been lately. Anyone care to link me to anything interesting going on online/in the news/whatever?

Anyway, last night I went to altheas and lena_supercat's place for a House Cooling party. (Like a housewarming, but in reverse!) Which meant meeting up for a whole lot of people I haven't seen in quite a while. And I seem to have stuff on for the next few Saturdays, so at least I'll have things on on weekends. Plus there's a few things I need to get sorted during the week. I may be going to a Halloween party next weekend...

And for some entertainment value: LOL, Snapewank time again. The Snapefen - no, sorry, Severusmoms - are at it again. This time: claiming he's still alive, really!

And a Kirk/Spock fanvid of great lulz.
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