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Well, that was a few kilometres worth of walking

So, I found on on Facebook that a girl I went to school with had a baby two days ago. She and her boyfriend named the girl "Inara". As in, like the character from Firefly Inara.

I didn't even know she liked Firefly. Huh.

Anyway, today I went and sent off a traineeship application thing, and then went jaunting off to Sydney Road to search for requirements for my Halloween party costume. That part of it was mostly a failure, but instead I found all sorts of interesting shops I hadn't noticed before down by the Moreland Road part.

I promise I shall return to you one day, Footwear Clearance Outlet with $5 shoes! One day!

And there was lots of walking about. Lots and lots of walking about. At least it wasn't raining or anything.

I also saw shinies I am resisting the urge to buy. Oh pretty frivolous things, why must you be tempting me?

And then I went to Savers and got a skirt, and had Turkish takeaway for dinner. Om nom nom apple baklava!

So, a slightly more productive day than some.
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