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I could use a dreadful pun for this heading, but I won't.

So, Saturday was laurenmitchell's Halloween party. (Yes, I know that was actually the day before Halloween) Which meant I got the chance to see a whole bunch of friends and old Second-Floorers, some of whom I hadn't seen in quite a very long time.

Even if I did have to go to Zone 2 for it. Yeah, I got a lift there. But the point still stands!

Anyway, despite being a Halloween party, the theme was game characters. Which meant you got people as the RPG characters they had created, some of which were rather... interesting as cosplay. You know who you are. And also characters from computer games and video games and the like. (There was one guy as a Munchkin character). I took one of the suggestions I was given and ended up going as a chess piece - the Black Queen to be precise. Complete with my lovely black crown that I had fun doing on Thursday (Ah, spray-painting things.)

I forgot to bring my own camera, but on Facebook there's a reasonable picture, if you don't mind the bad lighting. And a group shot.

There was also some very interesting food at that party, where people apparently got experimental with the cake creation. As one does. But hey, at least we were all in out of the weather, which apparently decided to be seasonally appropriate.

And that was my Halloween.

Coming up next weekend, I am due to go see Mary Poppins at the theatre with Mum and The Sister this Saturday. I expect to come with far too many songs from my childhood stuck in my head.
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