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So, who wants to hear all about fannish entitlement?

Well, the magic that is Fandom_Wank (and associated comms) currently seems determined to give me some Harry Potter fandom flashbacks at the moment. And not exactly in the good way.

For starters, FictionAlley is asking people to vote for it as a charity deserving grant money! Instead of, you know, the actual charities it is competing against which including things like animal shelters, combating human trafficking and supplies for homeless children.

I'm fairly certain my opinion on this has already expressed by someone else far more eloquently than I could managing, but dear God, FA, what the hell are you thinking? I haven't been to FA or it's forums in years now, but back in my pre-LJ days it was one of my introductions to the social part of fandom. And to see something that once mattered to me demonstrate this sort of audacious and utter shamelessness is horrifing. I just... how could anyone possibly think that this was the right thing to do?


A less horrifying flashback to the glory days of HP-dom is Aja's grand and glorious TL;DR about the difficulties of being a BNF. I think I speak for us all when I say, oh Aja.

Truly, a week for first world problems.

And to get away from bizarre Potter flashbacks, News.com.au would like to apologise for getting their Star Trek facts wrong. And to inform us that Patrick Stewart is hot. No, really. I am not lying about that last bit.

Also, what the hell has LJ done to comment formatting, and what happened to all my icon names?
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