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Internet Entitlement: Volume 2

So, who's heard about the latest big online shenanigans?

So, a random blogger found out that a blog post she wrote a few years back had been published in a magazine - without anyone asking her permission. Naturally, she went and contacted the magazine, to ask why this happened, and for a token fee (to be donated to an institution she chose).

The magazine's editor... did not agree to these requests, claimed anything on the Internet is public domain, and was basically very rude. The blogger decided to publicise the incident, it caught the eye of some online notables.

And lo, the Internet did descend.

That editor had really no idea what she was in for. And now word is that she also took recipes from some cooking celebs and freaking Disney and dear Lord they will have to invent new words for just how screwed she is.

The lessons to be learnt today: Don't be really freaking dumb about copyright; politeness can prevent all sorts of problems; and the almighty forces of the Internet will fuck your shit up.

(It's just so wonderfully entertaining. *sniff*)
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