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(Not so) Profound thoughts on a Musical

So, Mother was down in Melbourne for a visit, and to go see Mary Poppins at the theatre with The Sister and I.

Turns out that she stays in that one hotel so often that she now gets a discount at the restaraunt and bar there. So we had fancy dinner (with champagne) before the show, and cocktails afterwards. It was all very ~classy~. And I randomly got all dressed up because I was bored and felt like wearing a fancy dress and ridiculous heels. Even if my foot isn't exactly thanking me for the blister I now have.

Anyway. Mary Poppins. It was a rather odd feeling, watching that show, because while I have seen the movie before, it was quite literally been more than a decade, so I couldn't actually remember any of the plot. But I did remember a lot of the songs, which made for an odd experience.

Yes, I am aware that it's different to the movie plot. And yeah, it wasn't hard to figure out what was going to happen by the sheer laws of narrative. But they did some seriously impressive stuff with the staging/certain music numbers. And hey, catchy catchy music.

Even if we did have to peer down from way up in the circle.

Another thought I had: Mary Poppins is a great big Mary Sue. "Practically perfect in every way", and completely lacking in any character development.

/End your regular excerpt of Drakyndra's Very Exciting Social Life. Unless you want to talk about fandom or something.

And now I need to start actually making myself productive again. Someone just accept my job application already!

Also, now something very odd is going on with my tags. I repeat, WTF LJ?
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