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I'm not sure how helpful the Force is right now


Position title:
Research Scientist – Lamb Production

You know, I'm pretty certain I know how lambs are produced. You see, when a ram and a ewe love each other very much...

And naturally a job like this is being advertised for Hamilton.

Also, a friendly note to managers advertising jobs: Try to make sure your spelling and grammar in the position title is correct, okay? *shudders at the gratuitous apostrophes*

Yes, I try to find my own entertainment.

And some other irreverent silliness:

Mi Goreng Instant Noodles are being investigated for banned chemicals. I feel as if a million students just cried out and were suddenly silenced. Whatever will they eat now?

And speaking of which, so an advice columnist gets a letter from a guy who is in love with his sister...
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