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Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Getting Creative.

Alas, the photo post has been put off yet again. It'll be there soon, I swear!

Firstly, a meme I found, and whose result amused me:


Sort me!

And is anyone else completely unsurprised by this?

Heh. My Maths lecturer was just listing some random numbers at one point today, when he got to 42. Naturally, he asked if anyone understood what he was on about, and seemed highly disappointed at the extreme small response. He said they were missing out on an important piece of literature.
Though he wasn't alone in this opinion...

Oh, and while on the topic of Literature, aeque, I still have your book. I'm sure you'll want it back at some point, so could we arrange this sometime soon, before I forget?

But back to Uni. I have now decided that Creative Writing is officially The Best Class In The History Of The Universe. The lecture was a bit meh, but the tute/workshop thingy rocked mightily.

I mean, the tutor was fun (and she when she heard that I wrote fanfic, she decided she wanted to know more...so I have been requested to bring in my Fanfic Essay. (Note: said essay contains many references to Cassy Claire. This is mainly because I needed a BNF to demonstrate a few points, and CC is about as BNF as they get) So, that is of the good.

Also, apart from the much fun-ness of the tute, I also got three story ideas out of it. Not fanfic, but general writing (two of why are set tasks, but the other is pure me...)

Oh, there is no end to the adoration of Creative Writing. It is Teh Love.

The following is from the Wrongs Act, courtesy of altheas, and I decided it was a brilliant example of just how stupid the legal system really is.

i) insignificant risks include, but are not limited to, risks that are far-fetched or fanciful; and

ii) risks that are not insignificant are all risks other than insignificant risks and include, but are not limited to, significant risks.

Seriously, WTF?

Random Quotes:
becker_: I might go on an epic adventure to find pants!

Suresh: Isn't that a USB stick in your pocket?
becker_: No, I'm just happy to see you.
Steven: You know, it's a bit sad if you're happy to see him and it still looks like a USB stick...

EDIT: Hey ant_power, you've been metaquoted here. Are you thrilled?

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