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Wow, it's like *magic*

So, I haven't posted since the weekend, and in the time since then my interviews went down on Monday. I thought they went reasonably well - one of the places has since contacted me and given me a No Thanks (:() but we'll keep your info on file, whereas the other I should be hearing back from on Friday.

Fingers crossed, I suppose.

And your random entertaining links for this post:

- Contact the Supernatural Registration Authority to get your Monster License. You wouldn't want to be an unregistered Vampire, would you?
- Cat Versus Alligator! Place your bets now.
- And in honour of a certain wizarding movie that is due out shortly, Magic Wand TV Remote. As the video demonstrates, that's just plain cool.

On that note, I really do want to see the new Harry Potter movie at some point, even if I am a books > movies. Anyone got any plans to go see it somewhere in Melbourne in the near future?
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