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Drakyndra cooks! (And it doesn't go terrifyingly wrong)

Firstly, welcome to n00bs from the Code Geass friending meme! Feel free to enjoy my excessive doses of random silliness. You can backread if you want, but my current lack of old tags *pointed look at LJ staff* will make things a bit more difficult to work through.

But anyway, I suppose on the plus side of not being highly productive at the moment is that I have more time to do random shit around the iPartment. Like, for instance, actual cooking experiments.

Well, not so much experiments, since it's following recipes, but I made pasta primavera last night and it was actually quite nice (even if I do now have another two days worth of pasta now sitting in the fridge). Plus I have ingredients in the fridge for vegetable soup (again), and a curry with tofu and sweet potato.

...I think I just wanted to have some fresh vegetables, really.

So new Harry Potter movie means new Harry Potter ship wank. I don't know what fandom would be like without it. Never change, HP fandom, never change.

I still haven't seen that movie. Anyone free later this week for a visit at some time soon?

Also (and I think lizbee will like this one), people now have evidence that there is such thing as flying squid. I eagerly await the inevitable terrible horror movie that this discovery will inspire.

ETA: On Twitter, the current topics trending all seem to be about either the North and South Korea thing... or Joss Whedon. What interesting priorities you have, Twitterverse.
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