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For a moment I got confused and tried to find AMVs about job interviews

So, that interview I had last week and didn't hear back from? I finally heard back from them.

So, I have another interview arranged for next Friday. I shall assume this is a good thing. (Okay, technically this is the first interview at the potential workplace. The application form and first interview were just with the organisation sponsoring the traineeships.) But it's still good! Except having to be in Collingwood at 9am.

...I also have another interview on Monday. This one, interestingly enough, is for another company that already told me they didn't have any positions open. Apparently things have changed in the past couple of weeks.

And tomorrow is state elections. Voting, how exciting.

Some frivolous links for your gratuitous entertainment:

- Following up the flying squid in the fascinating yet mildly terrifying category, I give you the development of psychic twitter. Also a potential horror movie in the making.

And a couple of AMVs because I was bored and in an AMV watching mood today:
- You're Everything: FMA AMV for Ed, Al and Winry. Because dawwww. (Also, check out who commented on it.)
- So They Say: Code Geass AMV to Dr Horrible music. I LOL'd uncontrollably at how it managed to be both incredibly appropriate and incredibly inappropriate in parts.
- And using the same crossover, Everything You Ever, which entertains me for personal reasons.
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