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One day, I might actually get early mornings sorted out. But probably not tomorrow

So, it's summer now.

That seemed to show up fast. And unexpectedly - tomorrow is supposed to rather warm, so now I need to rework my plans for what to wear to job interviews, since I'm used to the weather being somewhat... not. At least in terms of work clothes.

Also, blargh on early mornings. 9am interview means I'm going to have to leave just after 7 tomorrow.

In other news, on Saturday I get to see The Sister's new place. And by "see" I mean babysit it for a few hours and wait for Pay TV installers to show up while she cleans up the old place. I am going to need some literature to entertain me with, it seems. I wonder what books I still have sitting around that I need to read - I finished the Jasper Fforde book already.

And your random link for the post:

It's an entire island, full of cats! Oh, Japan.
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