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Oops, meant to update yesterday

Interviews of Friday seemed to go reasonably well, overall. I managed to find both the places on-time without getting lost (the Prahan one was on a really interesting street, actually. Lots of shops to look through), and I don't think I humiliated myself in the actual interviews of anything. The second even involved a test to demonstrate my skills.

Which wasn't so much a "test" as just looking at a pile of graphs and tables of collected data, and then telling my interviews what the content meant. Pretty easy, really.

So, now I wait until whenever to hear back. I was told sometime this week, but nothing more precise than that, so we shall see.

Didn't end up having to hang around my sister's new place the other day, for which my post-interview in need of sleep self was deeply grateful. Instead I just ended up seeing The Sister and Mum for dinner in the city, and then we went to go see Harry Potter. Again for me, for the first time for them.

Movie still held together pretty well, but the missing/changed bits bothered me more this time. Also, for some reason I now have a desperate craving the read Dumbledore/Grindelwald fic, I don't really know why. Anyone got any recs for me, it's been ages.

...And then on Sunday I helped my sister move the rest of her stuff. Not the furniture, just the bags and boxes. But hey, now I know what her new place looks like. And how to get there.

And that was my weekend. How exciting. Here, have a gloriously time-killing website. You can make music with it!
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