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And for tonight: An actual decent night's sleep

So apparently I used to walk past Julian Assange's house on a regular basis. Huh. The more you know.

Another of my recent discoveries: There's something mildly surreal about your phone listing the current caller as your father when your ring tone is... The Imperial March. Even when you don't manage to answer in time.

Speaking of which, he's supposed to be in Melbourne this weekend, in order to visit and buy me a Christmas present. Which would be far more pleasing if I had any idea as to what to ask him for. Um. Ah. Anyone got any suggestions, because I'm having a complete mental blank right now. And I kind of need some suggestions before Saturday, or that won't be a real fun afternoon.

Other future doings include another interview tomorrow. Though this one is in the afternoon, so no early mornings for me, thank goodness. Maybe I'll have time to wonder around the city in search of ideas. Or something.

And for some fun stuff, really awesome Harry Potter fanvid. With spoilers for all the movies so far, and actually rather sniffle inducing. Shush, I've been in the fandom for 10 years, and reading the books for longer, I'm allowed to get sniffly over these things.
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