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*insert gratuitous line from a Christmas carol here*

Well, I appear to have finished my Christmas Shopping, which is good. It was busy enough around town now, I'd hate to think of what it would be like next week. Yes, it was rather last minute-y, but it wasn't that last minutey. Really.

I will admit to being rather baffled as to why it is cheaper to buy 30 Christmas cards than it is to buy 5. Seriously, that's all sorts of ridiculous.

...And people keep asking me what I want them to get me, and I don't knooooow. There's nothing I especially need right now (unless I experience a sudden and unfortunate technology catastrophe in the near future), and all my personal shopping as of late has been of the "Oh that looks shiny and affordable, I might get that." I mean, it'd be nice to have a new and better iPod or camera, but the old ones still work fine at the moment, so it's not as if I need that.

*sigh* I apologise to everyone who is trying to shop for me, I'm being very unhelpful, I know.

The other Christmas thing I need to work out is travel arrangements, since I am planning on heading back to Mum's for Christmas. The main deal at this point is what dates to head there and back, and what the train timetables are like. Because everyone loves a 4 hour train ride.

What's everyone else got planned for Christmas? And for that matter, what's on for New Year's - Melbourne types, has anyone got something organised?
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