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Today was so not the day to wear a long floaty skirt

So, today I went and properly enrolled in my course for the next two years.

On the down side, it was both hot and rainy, which made for rather uncomfortable weather. But on the plus side, the School of Education was handing out free icy poles. And they were the red ones, too.

So, I'm apparently all signed up for things, and over the next few weeks I should be get information on classes and timetables and what-not, once that gets all sorted out online. And on placements, since according to the sheet I got, I am due to spend every Friday from March onwards at a school for placement. As one does.

Classes themselves don't start for another month - though, yes, we do start up earlier than other course I suppose. On the other hand: No exams.

...And now I am feeling tired and blargh. I had forgotten how much trouble I have sleeping in hot weather.
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