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I should try to think of a "With Prep Time" gag

Well, today I had intended to go get some shiny new clothes, since frabjously was cleaning out her old stuff and selling some of it, but to my great misfortune when I went to meet her at Uni, nothing I liked fit properly when I tried it on.


So instead I actually did productive things today. Got a new student card with a new photo - finally! - and renewed my student union membership. No new transport concession card, because apparently post-grad students don't get them. Boo.

And yeah, I also met up with a few people at Uni, who I haven't seen in a while. Which was nice. If occasionally strange - seriously, have you seen what Sam has done with his facial hair? He looks like a late night TV host from the Seventies.

I also went and got some earrings replaced, because I only bought them last week and they managed to break before I even took them out of their packaging. I mean yeah, they cost me $7, but it's the principle of the thing.

I decided to do some more experimental cooking again. Okay, mostly not so experimental - I got ingredients to do pasta primavera and tofu and green bean satay again, but today I tried out an ~exciting new recipe~, Angelhair Pasta with Ricotta and Peas.

Which tastes pretty decent, even if it doesn't look much like the picture in the book. And it kind of made a mess of the counter, whoops. And I may be eating leftovers for a while.

And that's my exciting and wonderful life. Hooray.

I also bring you:
- Kate Beaton's take on Batman. Which must be seen by all, but especially if you like Kate Beaton's webcomics, or Batman. Or both.
- So, did you hear about the guy who got mugged by an octopus?
- And to bring things back to comics, Cracked with a list of awkward sexual moments in comic books.

...That ended up weirdly comicsy.
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