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Wanted: One profound post title

So, I just spent the past couple of days watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, because I've been meaning to get round to it forever.

And now I rather think I see where that show got it's reputation from.

To borrow something I said to one of my housemates last night, "So 18 episode in, it suddenly becomes a horror series."

And then there's the ending, which basically had me sitting there going "What" for about an hour.

But thought provoking. And now I possibly feel the need for something rather more cheery as a palate cleanser. The music is still stuck in my head. :/

Also, I am tired because I didn't get any sleep last night. No, these events are not actually related.

In more cheerful news, how about the cat that lives up a tree?

And we have we have a release date and summary for the next Discworld book, which is always good news.

...I've got a surprising amount of books I'm looking forward to coming out this year.
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