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Back in the 80s...

We had our last aerobics class ever today. And in honour of the occasion, we had an 80s theme. So we did 80s dancing, and listened to 80s music and even wore 80s clothes. It was hysterical! Somewhat disturbing, but hysterical.

The girl who is in charge of the yearbook for my year has gone and asked for baby photos of everyone to put in it, and I just gone mine from my mum today. I look so little, and blonde! (I was blonde until I was about 8. Which is kind of weird, considering I now have the darkest hair in the family. Then again, my mum and sister both dye theirs - don't even try to deny it, Mum)

Also, in my English teachers comments on the fanfic I gave her, she asked me to try and flesh out the story a bit more. Her exact words were "show the story, don't tell it" Then she made a few other suggestions, and now I have a new idea for a companion to Tale... I think Stolen Moments has gone and died for good, now.
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