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If it would make the Internet work better, I would hit it

Okay, is Livejournal being excessively slow for other people, or have the recent storms and weather and whatnot fucked up some of the internet connections in the Melbourne vicinity, or some horrid combination of the two? Or something else entirely.

Because jeez, I got bored and decided to try and upload some new icons, and it's taken me freaking forever. Stupid icons page, taking ages to load on me.

Ah well, at least I have come out the other side with some icons like this wonder. Yes, I've wanted an Old Spice Guy icon for so long.

...In other news, as of tomorrow I apparently have one week until classes start up again. This is a mildly terrifying thought. Especially since I can't get the goddamn new timetable system to work properly. They should have stuck with alloc8, I could work it.

Otherwise, hey you guys, you know who Maru is, right? Cat, kind of chunky, likes to jump in boxes.

I have just discovered there exists such a thing as Maru fanfic.

How can you go past a fic with lines like the following:

I am Maru, and I can fit into a cardboard box one third my size.
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