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One day I may be responsible for other people's children. How does that make you feel?

Was at Uni today (at hours that were AM, even) for the Orientation session for the Masters of Teaching. It was, as these things normally go, a mix of boring and informative and free lunch. Though the vegetarian selection of food was somewhat limited so ended up going over to Union House for non-free lunch later.

Plus teacher union peoples trying to recruit. Which given that membership is free for student teachers was pretty easy.

Oh, and my Working With Children Check card came. I now legally allowed to work with children for non-profit purposes.

I also finally managed to get my timetable for the semester sorted out - did I mention I really kind of hate the new timetable program?

But I'm busy on Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday actually seems to be a day off (unless I want to change tutes or whatever); Thursday is no classes for the course and Friday, as of the 4th of March, I will be spending in actual schools.

I am yet to know which schools, though. Either they haven't got to me, or the program is just broken. Again.

I also have two readings to do before Monday already. Boo.

Other things of note: There is apparently a sake bar in the basement at Union House. Which was the cause of much LOL WAT from me.

And then I went and paid my mobile phone bill and went to the Friendly Neighbourhood Anime Shop Of Dubious Legality to look at things and visited bookshops and drank coffee and was tired.

The end.
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