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Come on, body, get back into proper hours again!

Egads, I had forgotten just how painful 9am lectures are. And yeah, that's really how I wanted to start off at Uni again after a semester off. :/

At least I don't have any more 9am starts. Though there's a 10am one on Friday.

But yeah, two lectures and a workshop today, since one of my subjects doesn't start this week. I am also yet to hear what my school placement is yet, to my distinct annoyance. Hopefully that will be up soon.

And my strange university factoid of the day: My English Learning Area tutor apparently used to be John Marsden's personal assistant. What an interesting career she's had.

So that marks my return to Uni.

Otherwise, not a real lot has been going on - though I suppose that's a big enough deal in itself. Went to altheas and lena_supercat's housewarming party on the weekend, bearing cupcakes and booze, and discovered that their new place is in their own words "very linear".

But hey, it's a chance to catch up with a whole lot of people I don't get to see in person at anything other these events. Plus there was food (like booze and cupcakes) and socialising and we ended up watching all sorts of random stuff on YouTube. As one does.

I also had the rather strange experience shortly before that party when a complete stranger came up to me while I was eating my dinner and asked if they could take a photo of my clothes. Which was a bit different, especially when you have a mouth full of fries.

A a token link that seems to be yet another competitor in the file of things that are fascinating and yet I can so see being the cause of future horror movies: Furniture that eats insects
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