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This is me on a less insane day

So, how about that new Thursday Next book that just came out?

Okay, so I haven't finished yet since I just got it today. And I am too tired to bother with sitting up all night reading. But hey, 20 percent off at Dymocks.

Otherwise today involved class - preparation for next Friday when I start with the actually being in a school bit - and then heading up to Uni for the O-Week stuff, like signing up for all the Second Floor Clubs at the clubs and societies tables. Not that I will be able to make half of the meetings, but they got my 2 dollars out of it.

And then there was FOUL picnic, which meant I got to meet back up with a whole lot of Uni peoples I hadn't seen in a while. Plus n00bs! I am actually now one of the older Second Floorers around. This is kind of scary.

Then I went back to the city to look at glasses frames again - I really would like a second opinion on things before I buy anything though. It's all new and scary. Anyone want to volunteer to come with me some time next week to pick stuff out? I could use some help. I should be free Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

And yeah, there was the buying of books and the impending homework to do this weekend and so on. Huzzah.

...Probably rather more sane than the other night's I ACCIDENTALLY A CULT. If less lulzy.

Also less lulzy, the New Zealand earthquake, and whatever the hell is going on in Libya. The world is really kind of crazy at the moments. :/

Here, have a YouTube video. Or as I like to call this one, FUCKING REAL LIFE ESCHER, HOW DOES IT WORK?
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