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And this is what one does as a post-grad student

The rest of Uni started up classes again today. As a result, my day ended up exponentially more absurd.

...Or that may have just been because of the way this week's scheduling worked out, I had a 9am class, and then nothing from 10am to 2:15pm. Stupid time to kill. I may have gotten infected with the Sudoku disease again.

I obviously didn't drink enough coffee.

But things of today included a lecturer using manga art - well, manga styled art, she wasn't actually certain about what manga was - in an illustration of Vygotsky's theories. As one does.

And hanging around Second Floor rooms at lunch time again, while people played board games. I kind of missed that. And wished I had time to join in Settlers.

Oh, and this fascinating quote from Tristan: "No matter where I go, I always turn into a gigolo."

And the obtaining of free Union hats. Why the Union was handing out free hats I don't know, but it's me. What did you expect would happen?

Even if the hat decides to send you a message. No, seriously, they had these tags with this written on them:

Dear adorable customer. I have been made with love & care by Jorge, especially for you. I have been reformed by a creative eye, & designed to accentuate your individuality, to adapt with your style & be worn with love. May our love affair begin.

I am not entire certain I want a love affair with a hat. And even if I do have one - what does that make my relationships with all my other hats? Is that like bigamy?

And to escape those searing and profound questions, have a music video of some Code Geass cosplayers. Knights of the Round, with guest appearances by Euphie. And a very in character Arthur. It entertained me alright.
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