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When all else fails, have a pile of YouTube videos

So, I spent most of the weekend working on an assignment that is due in tomorrow. And now it's done, hooray! (Okay, so I still need to finish off the appendix. That won't take long).

Which has meant I spent a long and rather boring past few days. Excluding the bit last night where I went out to dinner with a bunch of people for neo_leviathan's birthday. So very much food at the dumpling place.

So instead I come today bringing YouTube videos. Which I didn't, in fact, use to procrastinate with.

- So you know that Friday song that's become rather memetic with it's, um, hilarious lack of being good? I was highly amused by this cover of it.

- Cats with Thumbs! Be afraid, be very afraid.

- A... rather interesting multifandom AMV about anime and yaoi. I don't even know like half the characters there, and I was still amused.
Tags: fandom: anime/manga, friends, links, lolarity, randomness, uni

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