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Oh stupid, stupid Melbourne weather. And stupid 9am classes. I had great fun trying to find something to wear that would actually manage to keep me warm when it was bloody freezing this morning, and yet didn't cause me to overheat when it actually got properly hot this afternoon. At least I was inside for most of the day. *sigh*

And I had to a presentation for English Learning Area. I had been getting all grumpy at the partner I was supposed to do it with, because I had kept on sending emails trying to arrange a time so we could meet up and sort out who presented what, but I got no response. And then I saw her in the actual class, and apparently her Uni email was borked and wasn't working. So yeah.

Presentation was kind of crummy and disorganised, but it happens. At least it gives me something to talk about in the reflection on it.

On the other hand, I did end up in a class watching clips from Singing in the Rain and The Princess Bride, so there was that. And FOUL had it's lift party that didn't actually happen.

And I am, once more, in need of more sleep. Huzzah for my lack of classes tomorrow.

Also, several fandom people appear to have friended me recently. Congratulations! You get to put up with this sort of whiny junk post. I do try to be more entertaining usually, but I am lacking in new amusing links right now.
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