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Drakyndra has mad skillz at life

So apparently I amused fate (or whatever) with last week's late to school placement deal that it decided it wanted a rerun. In this case, because my alarm didn't go for whatever reason, and I ended up waking up an hour later than I meant to - which would, yes, cause me to miss the damn bus again. At which point I decided to say to hell with it, got dressed in a rush, and ordered a taxi to take me in.

It cost me about $10 more than my bus ticket would have, but hey, I ended up getting in on time.

And of course this devastating show of skill followed on from my exciting adventures in cooking back on Wednesday. I was making that Brocolli and Chili pasta again, and I manged to end up burning the chili, getting vast amounts of smoke to waft around the iPartment. Chili-infused smoke, even, which I am sure the housemates enjoyed. (My throat wasn't real happy about it). Oh, and I must have left the plastic serving bowl too close to the stove, because I managed to a melt a hole into it somehow.

Truly a productive evening that was. Pasta still tasted decent, though.

And as an escape from the vast piles of ridiculous that are my life, Have 20,000 bouncy balls getting dropped from a helicopter.
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