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Today I discovered that Time hates me

Well, today I actually managed to work out why my alarm didn't go off on Friday and ended up causing me to miss my bus and be late to school placement - apparently the settings on my clock radio were wrong, and the alarm was set to go off at PM instead of AM. You can see how that might be a problem.

Now, how do you think I might have worked that out...

Yeah. It was like that.

And in continuing time-related fuckery, I had completely forgotten that Daylight Savings ended on the weekend and hadn't managed to put my clocks back (though my mobile apparently did so automatically), which resulted in me being very, very confused come lunchtime.

I should just like not do things involving clocks. At all. Egads.

And because someone brought it up when we were talking about webcomics at FOUL during my deeply confusing lunchtime, I give you Hipster Hitler. I am aware I just Godwin'd myself, but I am now filled with vast amounts of LOL WAT.
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