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Far too many silly costumes

So today was the last day of school (for school schools, not Uni), which meant that placement today was kinda... interesting. By which I mean the SRC decided to have a Harry Potter themed day, and there were a bunch of kids running around in Potterverse costumes.

I think the best was the kid as the Golden Snitch. He had a shaved head and had painted himself gold. All over (as far as I could tell- he was wearing shorts).

Personally I just stuck with wearing my wizard hat. ;)

But I have a busy weekend ahead of me, it seems. Supanova is on and I decided I was going to go on Saturday (ie. Tomorrow) - I know a few others on flist were planning to go, anyone want to meet up at some point. Or I could just check phone details and work out something when we are there.

Plus, after that my Father decided to inform me just yesterday that he was planning on being in Melbourne tomorrow and would I like to go out to dinner? He may just have to deal with me dressed in something ridiculous, because I don't really think I would have time to get home to change.

And then on Sunday I shall have to do homework. What a thrilling end to the weekend.
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