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Look, sir, memes! It's got me posting again, anyhow.

I got this from yinake who so kindly roped me into this thing, bless.

The rules, if anyone else wants to play:
1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 (fictional) people. ** Male and/or female, if you are so inclined. Just say so.
2) Post this meme to your LJ with your answers. **Feel free to answer in the comments here if you like.
3) Provide pictures/text descriptions and the names of the 3 people.
4) Label whom you would shag, marry and (push off a) cliff.

I'd also say, if we are less familiar, give me some fandoms to pick from, so I don't pick anyone you don't know.

Anyway, Yina gave me Spike, Light and Suzaku. Because we apparently have the same taste in men.


Ah, Spike from Buffy.

Probably the very first character where my liking them was less "Awww, they're so sweet/funny" and more, "Awww, I want to see you naked." And Spike/Buffy fic was where I first discovered smutty fanfic and all it entailed. (Yay for all those shirtless scenes. And Spike/Buffy had some of the hottest sex scenes on TV. I was one of those teenage fangirls who probably saw Spike as rather more of a woobie than he was intended, but in many ways the way he was written was kind of asking for it. That said, I prefer Spike when he is snarky and badass even if still devoted to his lady love. Too much soppiness takes the way the fun of him - and he was, afterall, for a very long time a gleefully sadistic killer. Just one that happened to be sexy and entertaining.

Even after Season 5 of Buffy, when the show's writing started to get rather... inconsistent, I always carried a torch for BtVS and Spike and Spike/Buffy, they were just so intrinsically tied into my teenage years and my introduction to fandom. (So, you know the name Drakyndra, which I use freaking everywhere online? I made it up to get into a Buffy chatroom, years ago. Like I said, it shaped a lot of my fandom experience.) I could never cliff that.

I will also confess that the idea of Spike and marriage just does not compute. Unless you talk about that episode with the curse with him and Buffy, which LOL.


And then Light Yagami.

Light has to be the very first time in which I decided I liked the villain more than the good guys. I have no idea why Light got to me - I still tend to prefer the archetypical heroic types, and a lot of the really popular villains utterly bore me - but there was Light. Who is a smug, arrogant wannabe God who is responsible for the deaths of countless thousands and still thinks he has clean hands. And has the effortless confidence of someone who is a genius and exceptionally good looking and is completely aware of these facts and how to use them to his own advantage. How about that?

I've always said that Light is a character I find fascinating because there is a fourth wall between us: I wouldn't like him nearly so much if we were in the same world. Yes, that makes me something of a Ryuk figure. He's fascinating, but in the way a caged tiger is fascinating; it's fun to watch him hunt but I wouldn't want to be the one he's chasing. And for all he might play the part of a dutiful boyfriend/husband/lover/whatever, I think that the only people he truly respected were his family, and L in a very odd "worthy opponent" way. Would he be good in bed to manipulate you better, or would his ego get in the way? Who knows.


And last but not least, Suzaku Kururugi whom unlike the others I have lots of pictures of and had trouble picking.

Oh Suzaku you poor adorable angstmuffin. I once saw him described as having "the most fucked up backstory in anime" and while I don't necessarily agree with that, there's a point. The kid is messed up. I think I spent the entirety of Code Geass wanting to give him a hug and hoping things worked out alright for him. Which they rarely did. Curse you, Code Geass, and your endless drive to make things more and more angsty.

To borrow something Yina said, I like him too much to want to kill him, and even trying would be a bad idea. (Did you see what happened in canon when people tried to kill him. Yeah, bad move that.) And to borrow something from one of our far too frequent chats on the topic, he's got basically everything you need to be really great in bed. Great strength, great speed, great flexibility, a willingness to put others first and bend over backwards in order to make them happy. It could end very well.

Plus, he's so pretty. D'awww.


This was actually fairly easy once I thought about it.

Cliff: Light. Sorry man, but you might be fun to watch but I have desire to live in the same world as you. Plus killing you would make me a hero, so huzzah! I'd probably do so at the end of a date, though. I can the admire your looks and beat you at your own game.

Shag: Spike. He's great in bed - there is on-screen evidence of this - up for all sorts of things in the name of fun and pleasing his current lady, and the idea of marrying him has been torn between laughing and being scared of what he might do.

Marry: Suzaku. And then I can give him all the hugs he might ever need. There might be the occasionally doses of tough love (from me), but his sweetness and willingness to do almost anything to please those he loves could be quite lovely. I just might have to get him some therapy or something to get past all the self-loathing and angst.

Plus we both love cats.

Memes. Boo-yeah
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