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A post about stuff

And so goes Easter. And ANZAC Day too, I suppose, which means the holiday is almost over.

...And means that in one week I will actually be teaching classes. Wonders never cease.

Mum came down to visit the other day, so I caught up with her over dinner. And then we also went and saw Rock of Ages, which was very 80s but a lot of fun. Music was great, and only afterwards found out the lead role was played by the guy who was the lead singer in The Sleepy Jackson and End of Fashion, which was amusing. There was some unexpected fourth wall breakage, too.

Apart from that, I've been sleeping in (while I still can) and working on lesson plans, sigh. So hey, have some entertaining videos.

I have:

- Epic time-lapse photography (Seriously, so pretty).

- And, the best of Maru, for all your cats in boxes needs.
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