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I grump in your general direction

So, the thing at school was... less than spectacular today.

It all started off well - I got to watch the interhouse drama and but some of the cakes people were selling at lunch, but basically: My mentor teacher (who supervises me) was away the last two days because someone in his family was ill, which is fair enough.

I was okay to teach yesterday, with other people sitting in to observe. But today I was supposed to start teaching the Year 11s, and start off this whole new Unit thing, which I had gone to great effort in planning out and making up PowerPoint slides and handouts and whatnot. My plans were all specially designed for each lesson I was going to take.

Except... it's a school policy that if the teacher of a VCE class is away, they don't get a substitute in, the cancel the class. And no-one actually mentioned this to me. So I spent half the class sitting in the room by myself wondering where everyone was. And then once someone came to fetch me and explain, the second half freaking out because there is no way I can work all the stuff from my plans into next weeks lessons - and that's if my mentor is back. And someone from Uni is going to come watch me next week to mark me.

Yeah, not a good day. Which is a bizarre thing to say since I basically did nothing, but that was somehow worse.

In other news, in the afternoon I was toddling around book stores for a bit (Because 1. I am running low on to-read Public Transport books, and since after finishing Lolita I now only have two books after my current one - which is Late Eclipses by Seanan McGuire - and 2. The books I am looking forward to are mostly months off release, but I have a birthday coming up in a few weeks. I thought I'd scope out some suggestions for gifts.)

- Anyway, getting past all that, I accidentally walked into an in store signing and talk at Dymocks being given by Cassandra Clare. Yes that Cassandra Clare. The one with all the fandom and wank, back in the day.

I honestly had no idea how to react over that.

And now the clicker on my mouse is being funny and uncooperative.
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