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Oooh, shiny things

Apparently I was not alone with my bitching about the cold yesterday, judging by the papers today. Nice to know I am not alone there.

I have decided that it was really quite necessary to link this news report: Darth Vader reporting on the death of Obi-Wan Kenobi. For once, do read the comments.

And some shiny pictures that some people on my flist might like. We have some obscenely creative bookshelves, because everyone likes to turn storage systems into art, and a steampunk house.

Some people are so creative with their residences. I bet they don't have limits of what they can do because of rent.

Also, I have just noticed that the Melbourne version of SlutWalk is due to be on the 28th of May, aka my birthday.

Anyone up for attending and then afterwards going to go get something to eat somewhere? I'd suggest dinner but it seems to finish too early for that (Though I suppose it depends what we get up to after. Or we could see a movie or something)
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