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Yeah, I guess I like shiny things

Stuff I did today:

- Went to class
- Headed down to the Spencer Street shopping centre, and put some nifty (but kind of expensive) boots on lay-buy. I think the current plan is that when Dad asks me what I want for birthday, I get him to pay off the rest.
- And then went and saw Thor, since I don't want to get too behind in my viewing of current movies.

It was actually kinda fun, though I am mildly disappointed we never got a scene of mortals showing up in Asgard. That could have been interesting. Also, Loki was so damned interesting.

Yes, I know I am a bit late on this. But I don't seem to get to the movies as often as I like these days.

Also, hey, check out some nifty pendulum patterns!

And I am getting me some new icons. Yay for shiny things.
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