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And in non-apocalyptic news...

You know, as Armageddon goes, I'd have the give that one an "F". There wasn't even a nice dramatic thunderstorm.

That aside, I've had a rather busy few days and it's only Saturday so far.

Thursday evening I went with lena_supercat to check out her public speaking club... thing. Which was actually kinda interesting, though I am undecided about actually joining because LOL, the cost.

Friday involved a seminar thing for Uni, then drinks after with other student teachers at the school I was at to celebrate the end of block placementing, and then off to Fitzroy for the book launch of "Matthew Lang"'s book The Secret of Talmor Manor. Which, aside from getting books, a reading, and some signings, involved some music from a mini-orchestra, an art auction, and a drag queen as MC. As one does at a book launch.

But I do now have another book to add to my (now rather depleted) To Read pile. Which is all signed and lovely and everything. (Kisses to you, "Matthew".)

(There was also a jaunt in the middle to get something to eat in the city, which involved watching a whole bunch of Free Palestine protesters to take their protest into the middle of Melbourne Central. I also visited the place that sold Durian Strudel, but wasn't game enough to try it. I have blueberry instead.)

And then today Mum sent me into the city to pick up her suitcase from Myers, since they were having a sale on luggage today. Which hey, allowed me to scope out books I can consider getting and also have dinner at a Japanese restaurant at the time the world was supposed to be ending. Unless practicing my skills at eating rice with chopsticks is a sign of the apocalypse, it all rather passed me by.

And that was that. Onto fannish stuff!

There is now a full trailer for the upcoming FMA movie. And also official art. Be nice if someone would translate the dialogue in that trailer, actually...

Oh, and speaking of pre-release publicity, we have the first picture for the next Nolan Batman film. Featuring a rather buff Tom Hardy.

Actually, to get back to the books thing, before the 10% off thing at Book Depository is over, I think I might pick some stuff up. Anyone got any suggestions of some books I really need to read?
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