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I shall be nostalgic for a moment

I've actually known this was coming for a while now, but I didn't hear the result until this evening when Dad called, but the farm - where I lived as a kid and all - got sold on the weekend.

Which is just weird to me.

Not that I particularly want to live there or anything - I have a tendency to get bored stupid within a few days once I am back there - but it's all just terribly strange to think of it no longer being "Our farm" and to start being someone else's place.

And after the clearance sale in a couple of weeks - I may head back to visit after exams and what-not, just to see if there is anything left there I want to keep - it's give from the family forever.

(This also means Dad is going to have to buy another house in Australia, so yeah.)

But hey, if you want to check out some pictures or whatever, you can check out the advertisement for the property.

It has pictures! And details, like the classic information about "Regional Service Town less than 30 kms away"
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