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Oh planning, why so complicated?

So, it is once more Towel Day. And also the Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May. All that great geekiness, all smushed together on the one day.

It's like a geeky smoothie.

In other news, I am kinda trying tow work out all my plans for my birthday this weekend. I've family stuff on Sunday, so that's sorted.

But I need a lift to/from Lara's thing on Friday (well, I suppose I could get a train out there if someone can pick me up from the station, but I don't know if the trains run late enough for me to get home...), because I would quite like to go. I can get into the CBD, if it helps anyone.

And I'm curious as to who I know who is going to the Melbourne Slutwalk on Saturday, because I'd rather like to meet up with people there. And then we can go have something to eat or drink or whatever for my birthday afters.

So... yeah. Some assistance please, people?

As a reward, have some YouTube videos.

I have this video from TropFest, which I found rather amusing. (It has animals!)

And while I have no intention of going to go see Fast Five, I have to admit this has to be one of the best movie ads I have ever seen. The tag-line is "Car chases make movies better", and you should really just watch it.
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